evangeline, nineteen. currently in adelaide. beaches in winter, books, bay windows, trees, literati, neck kisses, cool breezes, warm days, laughter, bloc party, poetry, wishbone necklaces, live music, discovering new things, reading, postcards, shel silverstein, moleskin notebooks, screencaps, writing notes, dressing gowns, the killers, french-speaking, fountain pens, skins, history, bikinis when it's pouring down, one liners, things that toy with my inner-romantic, knowing everything about a place, airmail, amazing walls, festivals, tapirs, cath kidston, periodic tables, winter, making lists, salt water, kate nash, st james park, neatness, wallpaper, doctor who, gilmore girls, skype, houses in the south of france, little dogs, cars, tiffany & co. jewelery and squirrels.

my palms cover continents.

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